Passenger elevators UVL
Manufacturer: Ukraine/Germany
Passenger elevators Wittur
Manufacturer: Germany
Homelifts IGV DomusLift, Super Domus Manufacturer: Italy
Goods and service elevators SKG
Manufacturer: Germany


Welcome to “UVL Lift Company” website
Activity of the “UVL Lift Company” (Ukraine) is focused on production of quality elevators, their installation and after-sales service. LLC “UVL Lift Company” (Ukraine) offers the best elevators from Europe, namely from Germany and Italy. Under the trademark UVL the company produces elevators from components of the best European producers (Wittur – passenger and panoramic elevators, IGV –homelifts DomusLift and SuperDomus which can be installed in your private house, SKG – freight elevators, service elevators and so on). We offer an individual approach to every client, non-standard and best possible solutions, and consultations of our specialists. The process of producing elevators is difficult and labor-consuming therefore the cost (price) of the elevator (Kiev) is sometimes rather high. The cost of the elevator (Kiev), first of all, depends on quality of used materials, their prime cost, and on design solutions. Nowadays the lift equipment, as the type of transport, is one of the most popular and mass vehicles in the world. For this reason this product constantly calls attention of many experts, such as design engineers, architects, and designers. Experts in lift sector are constantly trying to bring something new to this sphere, to make them more functional, fast and, certainly, attractive. Tracing the history of elevators, the first of them, or their prototypes, appeared in Ancient Rome, in the 1 century BC. Soon in the VI century AD the elevators reminding modern constructions, were used in the Egyptian culture. Later advantages of elevators were learned by France (the XIII century), England (the XVII century) and, finally, by Russia (the XVIII century). Modern elevators strongly differ from those before. Nowadays elevators mainly work with electrical and hydraulic drives. The main demands to this kind of equipment are reliability, safety, smooth operation, stop accuracy, and low level of noise. We suggest you to buy elevators supplied by our company “UVL Lift Company”, UVL (Ukraine). You can address for consultation to our main office in Kiev, or to regional offices in Sevastopol, Donetsk, Mariupol, and Dnepropetrovsk. Are you tired of endless announcements with the headings “Buy the elevator”, “Sales of elevators”, “Elevator price”? There is a solution – elevators of the “UVL Lift Company”! You can be always sure of quality of elevators offered by us, as the price always corresponds with quality. “UVL Lift Company” – the best elevators in Ukraine!