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Our company can offer a decent quality equipment at a reasonable price

The company «UVL Lift»

The company «UVL Lift Company» (Ukraine) offers you the best lifts in Europe, namely in countries such as Germany, Italy. Also in Ukraine, under the brand name «UVL» («YUVL”) is the production of elevator components from leading European manufacturers

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The company «UVL Lift», under its own brand «UVL», manufactures elevators and elevator equipment

Manufacturer: Germany

WITTUR Group (Germany) - one of the leading companies on the world market among manufacturers of components, modules and systems in the elevator industry. The slogan of the company WITTUR: «Excellence in Components / excellence in the details" and since 1968 with a team of the company, as well as its founder Horst Vitturi company confidently affirmed in the elevator industry. WITTUR from one year to prove its right to the status of a reliable company that produces high-quality lifting equipment, namely passenger and panoramic lifts.

Manufacturer: Italy

IGV S.p.A. It was founded in 1966 by Giuseppe Volpi. For more than 40 years, the company is a benchmark in the production of elevators for the cottages, multi-level apartments, shopping malls and business centers. It was created a wide range of lifts with a lot of design and technical solutions. From the very beginning of the company, the focus was on aesthetics and high technology. Thus, IGV S.p.A. established a new trend in fashion on the elevator and made it possible for designers and architects to look at the different features and external data of lifting equipment, namely, as a functional decoration of a private house or apartment.

Manufacturer: Germany

SKG Metallschneider released the first freight elevators in 1963. And more than 45 years on the market of the elevator industry is a reliable and stable company, a manufacturer of a wide range of cargo and passenger lifts SKG ™, capacity from 50 to 1000 kg with electric drive. The company's motto: "High quality - the basis for the continued support of business goals, achieved the standard for production and service!". 80% of the component parts of lifts SKG Metallschneider produces independently. Company SKG Metallschneider GmbH. They are known in more than 100 countries around the world, which proves the excellent quality products SKG ™.

SJEC one of the leading companies today for the production of lift equipment in the world.


- production quality control

- products certified for European and Ukrainian standards of quality

- modern design

- provide full comfort and safety

- lifting equipment robust and easy to maintain

­ quality assurance in service

Elevators of "MOGILEVLIFTMASH" made in Belarus since 1970. The plant is rapidly developing and introducing new technologies. The range of elevators, to date, has about 130 different types of equipment. To date, it produced more than 300,000 elevators. Lifts manufactured in Belarus are known not only in the entire post-Soviet space, but also throughout the world. "Mogilovliftmash" annually takes part in all international exhibitions of lift equipment, and easily competes with other manufacturers of elevator equipment.

SJEC largest manufacturer of lifting equipment in China, offers:


-Escalators for shops, offices and shopping malls (commercial use);


-Escalators in the subway and airports (for public transport);


-moving walks for airports, supermarkets and other public places.



-production quality control


-products certified for European and Ukrainian standards of quality

-provide full comfort and safety

-escalators and moving walks are easy to operate and reliable

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The selection process of lifting equipment includes several stages, each of which has a direct impact on the final result


The company's activities «UVL Lift» («YUVL Elevator") Ukraine is focused on manufacturing (production) elevators of high quality, their installation and maintenance

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Компания "UVL Lift Company", как официальный дистрибьютор в Украине лифтового оборудования ОАО "Могилевлифтмаш" (Республика Беларусь), приглашает ознакомиться с продукцией завода, пообщаться с менеджерами и обсудить… Read more

We invite you to visit our booth at the March 23-26

March 23-26, 2016 We invite you to building exhibitions INTERBUILDEXPO You can see two types of lifts, our managers communicate and discuss all your details… Read more


Home Business center HELIOS manager Home

"The choice of lifts in the business center - this is a very important decision, because the flow of people requires rapid movement of employees to choose from several companies, but chose the UVL Lift Company About were good reviews and the company offers a full range of services from the purchase of a lift to.. its further maintenance. it's nice to work with professionals! "

Home Hotel "Aphrodite" director Home

"We put the Italian lift DomusLift (IGV Company) at the hotel" Aphrodite "We use the equipment for more than two years -. No comments to the equipment never occurred very pleased with the staff elevator company UVL Lift Company -. Always respond to all questions relating to the equipment in. soon we plan to expand the business and already know exactly what will work now UVL again. "

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